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2018 ASAPA Candidates
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PRESIDENT ELECT (1 position)

Kirsten Bonnin

I would like to express my interest in the position of President-Elect for the Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants (ASAPA). Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to become more involved with ASAPA by serving as an Arizona delegate to the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) House of Delegates. This role has allowed me close communication with members and the board to represent and advocate for PAs in Arizona. It has also allowed me to gain a good understanding of the current status and needs of the organization.

As the current Program Director for the Midwestern University PA Program in Glendale, I recognize the importance of strategic planning and organizational leadership. I have had the privilege to work with leaders across Arizona on various workgroups on behalf of PAs. On a national level, I currently serve on the Leadership Mission Advancement Commission for the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA).

As we all know, the only thing constant is change. As such, the need for open dialogue and a collaborative approach are essential to navigate the change ahead. I look forward to these and other challenges with confidence that by maintaining high standards of excellence and diligent effort, we will find success.

I am passionate about our profession and the development of strong leadership in Arizona. If elected, I am eager to work closely with the current President, Jennifer Feirstein. The opportunity to give back and shape the future of the profession is a distinct honor.

Thank you for your consideration.

SECRETARY (1 position)
Lynzi Warner

It is an honor to be considered for reappointment for the ASAPA secretary. I have been the ASAPA secretary for the past year after being appointed to the positon by the board of directors. This position has brought increased responsibility and enjoyment to my professional career and wish to continue for another term. For the past four years, since PA school, I have been a member of ASAPA. While attending A.T. Still University, I was the student representative to the ASAPA board of directors. Being a student leader helped prepare me to be a young leader in our profession. I am seeking the position of secretary to continue my involvement and support the mission and further the vision of ASAPA. Currently, I serve as the co-chair of the Student and Community Outreach committee. The committee organizes the donation drives and day of service associated with the spring and fall conferences. The committee also supports collaboration between the students from the PA programs in Arizona to further professional networks. Prior to becoming a physician assistant, I was actively involved in the Arizona Athletic Trainers Association. My involvement included representation on the professional education committee and honors/awards committee. I would be honored to fulfill the duty of secretary for the next term.

Thank you for your consideration.

DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE (2 positions)
Carla Shamblen

My name is Carla Shamblen (formerly Thompson) and I am reapplying for the Director-at-Large position within ASAPA. It has been my pleasure over the past two years to be a part of this organization’s leadership and to influence decisions/actions by the Board that support its members and the PA profession as a whole. I would like the opportunity to assist further with being a liaison between Arizona PAs and the Board of Directors; I enjoy the chance to serve on ASAPA committees, work collaboratively on the charges of a committee(s), and participate in strategic planning.

In addition to the above, I personally want to further expand my volunteer efforts and become more involved in developing a membership that is diverse and representative of the PAs in Arizona. I enjoy speaking to students about the importance of becoming involved in ASAPA. I am fortunate enough to have an academic appointment with Midwestern University’s PA Program and I feel it’s the perfect platform to encourage students (future PAs) about membership and active involvement in our state’s organization.

The organization’s leadership is stronger than ever. The current leaders are passionate about the PA profession, where the organization is headed and how we can connect with current and new members. I would appreciate your vote for Director-at-Large.


Carla Shamblen, MSPAS, PA-C

 Elias Villarreal Jr.

Thank you for the opportunity to announce my candidacy for Director-at-Large. I am asking for your support in this election. My experience in education and PA practice is extensive. I have served on various state and national organization leadership boards and committees. I am accomplished in scholarly activity as well as community engagement. My accolades include the very prestigious Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and, most recently, the Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching and Innovation awarded to only one faculty member campus-wide per year. I have garnered the Apple Distinguished Program (ADP) award for 4 years (2 consecutive cycles) for the previous program at which I worked. My accomplishments with Apple technology in education can be found published on iTunes and continue to grow as the department evolves upon my departure. My new life as a program director and department chair at Northern Arizona University in downtown Phoenix has been the highlight of the last 10 years of my career. I have become quite enamored with the beautiful state of Arizona and the City of Phoenix. To say that I love my new job, my new coworkers, and my surroundings would be quite accurate.

I am dedicated to the philosophy that the two of the most important tenets in being a PA are to support the two professional organizations that advocate for and protect the profession on both state and national levels. In fact, I was “brought up” that way by a wonderful PA program director when I was in my PA infancy studying in Connecticut. Since then, I have worked diligently to not only maintain my membership status, but also to advocate for membership amongst my colleagues and future PAs I have been so blessed to be able to nurture and help shape their future careers. I joined ASAPA the same day that I signed my contract to work at NAU back in March of 2017. This is how important state representation is to me as a professional. 1. Job 2. Join state organization 3. Start looking for a roof over my head. I moved here in July 2017 and quickly found a way to become more involved by joining two committees. I have been an active member of both the CME and Awards committee for ASAPA since July. Once I took the program director position at NAU, I ensured that ALL NAU students were registered as student members of ASAPA with 100% membership for the Class of 2019 and also ensured the that didactic and clinical schedules for curriculum accommodated the ability for students to be involved in the two annual conferences. NAU had the highest attendance of the PA programs. I attribute that to my philosophy of PA profession advocacy and also to the help of the PA faculty with whom I work daily.

I believe I am well suited for the Director-at-Large position. My leadership experience is extensive. On a national level, I have served PAEA from 2010 – 2016 on the Awards Committee and as chair of the committee for 4 years during that span of time. I also served PAEA as a member of the Leadership Development and Recruitment Council for one year in 2015 - 2016. On the state level, I have served the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants on the Board of Directors for 14 years in a variety of elected positions which have included committee chair, secretary, director-at-large, and president on two occasions. In addition, I served as secretary and president of the Texas Physician Assistant Foundation for 3 terms each. Last year marked my eighth year as a Texas delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates. In my academic appointments, I have served in multiple leadership positions including faculty senator, committee chair of various committees, and Graduate Council and Undergraduate Curriculum Committee secretary.

I am interested in being elected as Director-at-Large to act as a change agent. As we all know, change is difficult and although change is not always welcome, it is necessary in some situations. ASAPA is a great organization and I have been impressed with its rapid, flexible, and cooperative response to what have sometimes been some difficult topics to address. The PA profession is currently facing profound change regarding optimal team practice (OTP) and its implications and recertification linked to PA competency. It will be crucial for ASAPA to continue to be involved in a collaborative dialog with the AAPA, NCCPA, PAEA, and the ARC-PA as important and ground-breaking policy is created for our changing profession.

I am also interested in being elected as Director-at-Large to act as a proponent for PAs across the state of Arizona. With 20 years of experience in education as principal faculty and 20 years of experience as a practicing PA, it will be my duty to ensure that the most important issues facing the PA profession in Arizona are my priority. I bring to the table extensive experience as a successful leader of a jumbo chapter of the AAPA. Yes, everything is big in Texas…it’s really true! But in all seriousness, with over 10,000 PAs in the state of Texas and over 3000 members in the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants, my 14+ years on the board of directors for that organization and having been president twice, I can say that I’m well qualified for this position and would like the opportunity to bring new ideas and fresh directions to ASAPA.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I would be so honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve the membership of ASAPA on the Board of Directors.

Muchisimas gracias!

AAPA HOD (3 positions)
Jamie Black

I have spent the last 7 years developing my clinical skills, learning to navigate our evolving healthcare system, and maturing as a Physician Assistant. I am now ready to expand my responsibility to the PA profession. The present state of healthcare requires advocating changes in existing legislation that better reflects the professional responsibilities of the PA to improve patient access to care. I am excited at the opportunity to participate in a collaborative process to expand the legal responsibility of the PA profession.

 Sarah Bolander
Thanks to my fellow Arizona PAs, I am honored to be considered for the AAPA House of Delegates this year. Currently I am actively involved with ASAPA as a Director at Large and as the Chair of the Legislative Committee. These two positions have provided me a unique understanding of the needs of PAs in our state. I have also had the privilege of being an alternate for the AAPA House of Delegates last year and for the upcoming conference in May. With your support, I would love to continue advocating for our profession at the state and national level.

Randy Danielsen
PhD, PA, DFAAPA, PA-C Emeritus

I will let my experience speak for itself. Having moved to Arizona in 1979, I have been an advocate for Arizona PAs 24-7:

American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) Member 1976-Present

Chairman, Public Education Committee 1977-79.
Member, Board of Directors 1979-81.
Chairman, Nominating Committee 1981-83.
Chairman, Professional Practice Committee 1983-84.
Secretary, House of Delegates 1985-86.
2nd Vice-Speaker House of Delegates 1986-87.
1st Vice-Speaker, House of Delegates 1987-88.
Member, Task Force on Organizational Efficiency, 1987-88.
Chairman, Nominating committee 1988-89.
Member, Nominating Committee 1989-90.
Member, Task Force on Recertification 1990-91.
Member, Professional Practice Council 1993-1996.
Member AAPA Research Steering Committee, 2010.
Member Huddle Steering Committee 2016-2017

Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants (ASAPA)

Member, Board of Directors 1979-80, 2009-2010.
President 1982-83, 1985-86, 1993-94.
Editor, ASAPA Newsletter 1984-85, 1988-89.
Chairman CME Committee 1990-91.
Co-Chairman, Legislative & Legal Affairs, 1997-98.
Chairman, Legislative & legal Affairs, 1989-90, 2010-2012.
Member, LLA Committee, 2012-2014.
Chief Delegate to AAPA HOD, 2014-15.
Delegate to AAPA HOD, 2015-16.
Chair, Past President’s Advisory Board 2016-2017.

 Jacqueline Spiegel

Hello ASAPA Members,

Some of you know me, but then again, many of you may not. Therefore, by introduction, my name is Jacqueline Spiegel and I would be honored to continue serving the PAs of our state as an Arizona Delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates.

My experience in the House dates back to my tenure as a student delegate in 2000 (wow…18 years!). I still remember how nervous and overwhelmed I felt being part of something so profoundly important to our profession. A few years after graduation, I became a delegate for the Illinois Academy of PAs. Then my career and family brought me to sunny Arizona. As a Past President of ASAPA and an Arizona Delegate representing you for the past 9 years, I have gained a keen understanding of the functioning, politics, and dynamics of the House of Delegates. I have passionately represented AZ PAs on House Reference Committees and this year on the Standing Rules Committee. To top it off, going into the 2018 HOD, my fellow delegates elected me as their Chief Delegate. I am not only humbled, but grateful and very enthusiastic to lead our delegation in New Orleans.

I believe I have personal characteristics and strength in public speaking, networking, leadership, trustworthiness, and dependability to ensure your voice is heard and the issues effecting Arizona PAs are brought to the forefront in any discussions or deliberations. If re-elected, I promise to bring an open mind, hardworking attitude, and energy to this leadership position. I recognize the current challenges facing PAs and am ready to devote my time and energy to improving not only the practice of medicine in Arizona, but also the PA profession as a whole. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I would be honored to receive your vote.

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