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AZ PA Statutes and Rules
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Title 32: Professionals and Occupations, Chapter 25 Physician Assistants

Article 1 General Provisions
32-2501 Definitions
32-2502 Arizona regulatory board of physician assistants; membership; appointment; terms; immunity
32-2503 Organization; meetings; compensation
32-2504 Powers and duties; subcommittees
32-2505 Personnel; consultants; compensation
32-2506 Arizona medical board fund
32-2507 Licensee profiles; civil penalty
Article 2 Licensure
32-2521 Qualifications
32-2522 Applications; interview; withdrawal
32-2523 Licensure; renewal; continuing education; audit; penalty fee; expiration
32-2524 Exemption from licensure
32-2525 Cancellation of license
32-2526 Fees
32-2527 Change of address; penalty
32-2528 Inactive license; application; prohibited activities
Article 3 Scope of Practice and Approval of Employment
32-2531 Physician assistant scope of practice; health care tasks; supervising physician duties; civil penalty
32-2532 Prescribing, administering and dispensing drugs; limits and requirements; notice
32-2533 Supervising physician; responsibilities
32-2534 Initiation of practice
32-2535 Emergency medical care; supervision
Article 4 Regulation
32-2551 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice; civil penalty
32-2552 Right to examine and copy evidence; subpoena authority; right to counsel; confidentiality of records
32-2553 Judicial review
32-2554 Violation; classification
32-2555 Injunctions
32-2556 Human immunodeficiency virus; disclosure; immunity; definition
32-2557 Disciplinary action; reciprocity
32-2558 Reinstatement of revoked license